Jim Morgan and Jeff Liker’s Designing the Future provides a relatable and practical set of lean principles to improve product development performance in any organization. How do you get started improving the performance in your organization? Start with understanding the work… In product development, it is challenging to “see” the work being done as most of the is knowledge work versus physical work and many activities are occurring simultaneously. Product Development Value Stream Mapping (PDVSM) is a proven way to:
  • Help teams see & understand the entire process (big picture)
  • Create mutual understanding of how everyone’s work fits together
  • Make problems and waste visible to everyone
  • Create a shared vision and plan for improvement
  • Design a system that enhances people’s talent instead of one that frustrates and defeats it
In this three-day workshop participants will learn via hands-on application of Value Stream Mapping to oneof their own Product Development processes how to:
  • Scope a Product Development Value Stream in a multi-disciplinary environment and set improvement goals
  • Create a Current State Map to diagnose the situation as it is today
    • Map a current PD process or program with the team
    • Learn the PDVSM mapping technique and icons
  • Analyze the Current State for opportunities
    • Learn about the 12 wastes of product development
    • Walk the current state to see wastes
    • Identify and reuse current best practices
  • Define a Future State vision
    • Identify opportunities to apply Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD) practices defined in Jim Morgan and Jeff Liker’s Designing the Future to eliminate wastes identified and improve product development performance.
    • Create a Future State Map
  • Create a plan for the first set stage of improvement
    • Define the first set of LPPD experiments to apply
    • Set up measures of success
PDVSM is an enterprise activity so all members affected by the value stream are encouraged to attend. It is a great team building activity and an opportunity to learn about their process and LPPD together.