A Lean Product Development Immersive Learning Experience

Looking to deepen your understanding of LPPD?  Look no further.  In this interactive, dynamic workshop instructors John Drogosz, Ph.D. and Katrina Appell, Ph.D. bring the principles and practices of LPPD to life.  These principles and practices are far more than traditional lean tools transferred to development.  They are the same proven methods described in Jim Morgan and Jeff Liker’s book “Designing the Future”.

In this two-day immersive workshop participants will learn:

  1. The model from Designing the Future for lean product and process development (LPPD):

  • Understand Customers and Context
    • Creating the right product
  • Process Excellence
    • Delivering with speed and precision
    • Fixed and flexible
  • Exceptional People
    • Building high-performance teams and team members
    • Leading development
  • Capture and Apply Know-How
    • Creating and applying knowledge as a learning organization
  • Product Excellence
    • Pursuing product perfection

2. Hands-on application of specific LPPD tools and techniques by collaborating to deliver a product to the end-customer by:

  • Understanding what the product must be by understanding customer / user experience to provide customer value, through observation.
  • Aligning the organization on what the product must be for both the customer and business; and the associated processes needed using a concept paper.
  • Understanding the work from concepting to manufacturing through obeya with visual management.
  • Reflecting on how LPPD processes and tools enable people to fully contribute to developing products customers’ want in general and within their organization.

In addition, through guided self-reflection, participants will create a plan of next steps to start their own LPPD journeys.

Since LPPD is an enterprise activity, managers, leaders and continuous improvement agents in an organization are encouraged to attend.