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“It seemed nothing short of a miracle could save Ford Motor Company in the mid 2000s.  Ford didn’t receive a miracle, but it did get something just as valuable:  Alan Mulally.”  (Daniel Miller, The Motley Fool, May 2015)

In this podcast, Alan shares:

  • His view on the CEO’s role in a successful transformation.
  • What “people first” leadership means to him and how his basic values and love for people guide his decision making.
  • What he learned about innovation and customer focus from his lawn mowing business.
  • How his early experiences with lean and Toyota shaped his views on leadership and the importance of an effective management system.
  • How he has continuously improved and evolved his Working Together Management System for over 40 years, starting with aircraft development, then transformations of global organizations, and finally how it influences his work today with Google, Mayo Clinic, and Carbon 3D.

The Working Together Management System

  • Alan takes the time to share the key attributes of his management system, including its basic principles of inclusion, transparency, accountability, be data driven, and have fun – but never at anyone else’s expense.
  • He also describes its three foundational elements: compelling vision, aligned plan, and relentless execution through an effective operating system.
  • He explains how “trusting the process” builds successful and sustainable organizations where people really want to work and creates accountability without all the energy sapping drama.
  • How it minimizes firefighting, enabling you to create products with speed, precision, and quality that your customers actually love.

Throughout our conversation, he shared stories from the products he developed and transformations he led.   Providing valuable insight for leaders like you who are trying to navigate today’s disruptive and turbulent environment.

I think you’ll enjoy this rare opportunity to hear directly from a true leadership icon as much as I enjoyed talking with him.  What a great way to start out the new year!