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Jim Morgan

Jim Morgan, Principle of Emc Network is also a Senior Advisor and founder of the Lean Product and Process Development initiative at the Lean Enterprise Institute. The LPPD initiative is building a community of practice and research to expand the application and understanding of LPPD. Together with LEI coaches and faculty, Jim works with organizations across diverse industries around the world to improve their product development capability.

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Mary Morgan

Mary Morgan is co-founder of the Emc Network. Before starting Emc, Mary spent 30 years at General Motors where she was a manager responsible for industrial engineering operations, as well as implementing lean manufacturing systems in powertrain plants, for current model operations and new model programs.

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Our Network

Katrina Appell, PhD

Katrina Appell is passionate about supporting organizations in improvement and transformation with 10+ years of coaching, facilitating, training, and team development experience. She has experience as a Lean Product and Process Development Coach at the Lean Enterprise Institute, Senior Lean Consultant at Liker Lean Advisors …

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John Drogosz, PhD

John Drogosz is a Product and Process Development Coach at the Lean Enterprise Institute. John has over 20 years of Lean manufacturing, product development and above shop floor experience. As a Vice President at Liker Lean Advisors, he has led lean transformations in numerous companies and industries.

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Eric Ethington

Eric Ethington has pragmatic approach for lean with over 30 years of work experience at Delphi, Textron and LeanShift.  Rounding experiences in operations, planning, marketing, engineering and strategy helped to prepare Eric for lean implementation leadership positions throughout various divisions of Delphi and at Delphi’s headquarters.

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Matt Zayko

Matt Zayko has over twenty-five years of experience in leading lean enterprise improvements in numerous industries by helping them transform product development, engineering, manufacturing, service processes, and operating systems. Matt worked in a variety of staff- and management-level roles before starting his own consultancy.

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